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*online request form only available to those who have already signed up via phone or in person

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Who Can Request a Task?

  • Anyone 65 or older.

  • Those who have a legally documented, physical disability to prevent them from performing the task.

  • Persons of any age experiencing personal hardship.

Once you are signed up all you have to do is fill out the form to the left or call 498-TASK (8275), submit your request, and TaskTakers will find a volunteer to complete that task.

All first time TaskTakers requesters must complete an application and recieve an overview of the program. 


Task List

  • Transportation – Local transportation in Spring Grove or to Caledonia, limited availability to La Crosse or Decorah. Must be able to get in and out of vehicle with minimal assistance. No wheel chair transportation at this time.

  • Handyman jobs – any job around the house that is too small to hire a professional: change light bulbs, simple fixing, caulking and weatherization, etc.

  • Moving heavy objects or rearranging

  • Light cleaning – vacuuming or dusting, one request per month allowed, this is not meant to replace routine cleaning or a full cleaning service

  • Window washing – lower level only accessible from a 6 or 8 foot ladder

  • Decorating - holiday décor (indoor or out), hanging pictures, etc.

  • Organizing

  • Shopping – will go to local stores with your shopping list or willing to drive you to do your own shopping

  • Companion/Visitor - game playing, reading a newspaper or novel, etc.

  • Hauling items to the dump - recycling or yard waste

  • Yard work – planting flowers, trimming bushes, cleaning gutters-lower level only accessible from a 6 or 8 foot ladder