TaskTakers Mission

TaskTakers seeks to connect volunteers with community members in need of assistance.  By facilitating this connection, TaskTakers strives to enrich the lives of volunteers and support independent living for those they serve.

Objectives of TaskTakers:

  • To assist those who are 65 and older, or legally disabled in the Spring Grove area, with basic tasks around their home and town to allow them to continue to live independently.

  • To offer assistance to any person who is experiencing a personal hardship.

  • To connect volunteers and groups to those people that need assistance.

  • To make the coordination process efficient, easy, and welcoming.

  • To provide a rewarding and pleasant opportunity for volunteers to give back to their community.

  • To better the daily life of a community member that is confined to their home.

  • To assure out of town family members that Spring Grove takes care of their loved ones.

  • To work with other organizations across Houston County to provide community members referrals to current resources, and in turn to be a place for those organizations to refer to.